Tampa Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing, Tampa, FL

pool deck concrete overlay in earth tones stone pattern

Transform your pool patio spray deck or cool deck with our stamped concrete overlay process with one of our beautiful concrete designs!

Pools are commonplace in Tampa, FL, and thus, so are pool decks. This means people need pool deck resurfacing quite often here. But everyone knows what a hotbed of accidents swimming pools can be. In fact, along with the number of swimming pools, the number of deaths due to pool drownings is also the highest in the state.

While it cannot entirely help, the right pool deck resurfacing can go a long way in preventing many of the casualties. And that is what Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa aims to do with every concrete pool deck resurfacing that it does.

The Popularity Of Residential Pools In Tampa, FL

Every Tampa resident swears by their swimming pool. And why not? In the most typically tropical state in the USA, where hot and humid is the norm, a pool is the easiest and best way to cool down in the summer.

Public pools can be quite unhealthy and are a strict no-no for kids with both allergies and low immunity. For them, a home swimming pool is a blessing. In fact, the same goes for adults too.

And no one can explain that inexplicably awesome feeling of being able to cannonball into your pool after a busy, grimy day with no one to reprimand you. But there is more to pools too. Pool parties are a great way to meet up with friends and family. The swimming pool deckthus becomes a playground and lounging space.

You can tan yourself, relax in deck chairs, have a poolside snack, and whatnot, all from the comfort of your own home. Along with the pool deck, a swimming pool is a culture in itself in Tampa, and all of Florida.


Our stamped concrete overlays can transform your pool deck with beautiful concrete designs. Contact us for a quote.

pool deck concrete overlay in earth tones stone pattern

Why Your Pool Deck Needs Special Work?

If you are a resident of Tampa, FL, or have at least stayed here for some time, you will know how extremely hot the summers can get. Hotter the summer, more the people in the pool, or at the pool deck. But a conventional pool deck resurfacing is notorious for getting hot enough to burn the feet of the people stepping on the swimming pool deck. It can cause painful blisters and soreness for days.

Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa does the special kool deck resurfacing just for that. Another issue is the problem of slipping on the always wet pool deck surface. Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa does concrete pool deck resurfacingtoo using special textures to combat that.

concrete driveway resurfacing gray stone texture

Different Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa provides a number of pool deck resurfacing options to cater to whichever need is the most pressing for the Tampa, FL people. Since this is a matter of safety issue, to the point of life-and-death, we ensure that our concrete resurfacing contractors take extra care when doing any swimming pool deck resurfacing work. While we have all kinds of pool deck resurfacing options, the following are our specialties.

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing | Tampa, FL

There is a wide range of concrete resurfacing techniques that can be applied when doing concrete pool deck resurfacing. You can have a plain concrete pool deck, but what is exciting about that?

That is why we also do stamped concrete pool decks. You can make your pool deck look like a stone ledge on the edge of a mountain stream, a lovely beach, a grassy lakeside, or anything that your imagination settles upon.

Or if you just want a simpler aesthetic, you can go for a tiled look or sandstone surface, or an abstract concrete pattern. No matter what you want, Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa will get it done.

Spray Deck

Spray decks are the best option if you want a pool deck that provides proper traction when walking on it. The extra friction ensures that even when the deck is wet, there is a minimum chance of slipping. However, you do not have to be limited to a plain spray deck only. There are many other textures you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are the knockdown texture, the splatter texture, and the aggregate texture.

Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa also does stamped concrete patterns on top of these textures for that added layer of surface feature.

Kool Deck

resurfaced pool bdeck after picture

The crown on the head of pool deck resurfacing with Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is the kool deck or cool deck resurfacing. A kool deck or cool deck is a special concrete refinishing technique, especially for swimming pool decks. A special compound is used to refinish the pool deck so that the end result is a pool deck surface that does not get heated up, no matter how high the temperature in Tampa, FL goes.

This means your feet will never get burned again while standing on the deck. It also keeps the surface from getting wet by absorbing the water, so the risks of slipping are reduced greatly too.

There are many stamped concrete designs available to add sparkle to your concrete pool deck. Contact Us for a quote.

Why Us?

Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is the premier company in Tampa, FL when it comes to any kinds of pool deck resurfacing. We take our concrete pool deck resurfacing very seriously because we know very well any sloppiness, neglect or unscrupulous means can cause someone to hurt themselves at the least and cost someone their life at the most. These are not to play around with.

Our track record will show you that never has anyone in Tampa, FL complained that our faulty pool deck resurfacing has caused someone to meet with a pool-related accident. And as well-wishing members of the Tampa, FL community, we mean to keep it that way forever.

pool deck in boca raton before concrete overlay

Contact Us

If you feel that your pool deck needs a concrete resurfacing or kool deck resurfacing, make haste to contact Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa at the number provided on the page. If that is an issue for some reason, you can also fill and submit the website form to have one of our concrete resurfacing contractors call you to discuss the job and give a free quote. Remember, a timely step can save someone’s life.