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Stamped Concrete, Lutz, FL

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Lutz, FL is a place where you will find almost nine out of ten houses having some type of concrete resurfacing done. Like the rest of Florida, the people here know well how advantageous a concrete floor can be to have, maintain, and repair. People here are especially a fan of stamped concrete. In fact, concrete overlay and resurfacing companies are found here a dime a dozen. But that does not mean all of them provide a high grade of overlay work? Obviously not.

Today Concrete overlays are undoubtedly tough jobs, but we at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa makes it look as easy as pie. It is one of the reasons why people in Lutz, FL love to hire us.


To be honest, we are not bragging when we say that we have the best concrete resurfacing contractors in all of Lutz, FL; we are only stating facts. No other concrete floor resurfacing company can even come close to us in terms of quality of work or the aesthetics of the end product. Everyone knows how good the patterned concrete resurfacing of Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is.

We are especially well-known for our stamped concrete work, but we are equally good with concrete stains and special concrete refinishing jobs. We can assure you that if you hire us, you will get the best quality at the lowest concrete overlay cost in Lutz, FL.


You don’t need to demo that dull cracked concrete driveway.

Contact us for a quote on driveway resurfacing with our Stamped Concrete overlay process!

Our Services

We at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa can handle any kind of concrete or cement resurfacing work. You want imprinted concrete for your interior floors? We do it. Do you need exterior concrete resurfacing done? We do it. Do you need a concrete porch resurfacing, driveway resurfacing, or concrete pool deck resurfacing?

We do that too. We can do colored concrete as well as stamped concrete overlay. Versatility is our middle name – no matter what you ask for, our long time in the business assures that we know how to do it.

Concrete Resurfacing Lutz

The reason why Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa does most of its concrete resurfacing jobs is to repair and perk up an old, unsightly concrete floor. And we are not just talking about decorative concrete. It can even be something as simple as concrete polishing. Or it can be something as elaborate as stamped concrete patterns or printed concrete coloring. No matter what kind of concrete design you are looking for in Lutz, FL, we can guarantee, you will find success with us.

Stamped Concrete Patio Lutz

One of the reasons why patio flooring gets worn out so fast is that people love to spend a lot of time there. Now if you have a concrete patio, you will not have to excuse the rundown look of your patio every time you have people over. Getting a concrete or cement patio ensures that your patio does not get weathered so easily. Not only that but a stamped concrete patio will camouflage minor damage perfectly.

That is why you should get a patio resurfacing from Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa. We have the widest range of concrete patio designs and even our concrete patio cost is surprisingly low. But that does not mean we do shoddy work; when we resurface concrete patios, people appreciate us instantly of our flawless work.

Driveway Resurfacing Lutz

concrete patio resurfacing in earth and gray tones geometric shapes

Most people are often highly exasperated by how soon their driveway gets damaged and fractured.

When heavy cars keep running over it, it is but natural that driveway resurfacing becomes a frequent necessity. Not only that but being exposed to the heat of Lutz, FL all the time also takes its toll.

That is why we suggest that this time, you get a concrete driveway resurfacing done. It saves a lot of money and hassle.

Even better, get a stamped concrete driveway done. That way, you can have a pretty driveway lasting for years.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Lutz

Pools are a common feature in Lutz, FL homes, which is why pool deck resurfacing is a very common job that Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa does. In fact, people are quite luxurious when it comes to their swimming pool deck. They spend loads on their pool decks, but we are here to tell you that you don’t need to. You can get the best pool deck resurfacing options at half the cost right here.

We do cool deck or kool deck resurfacing too at low prices. A cool deck resurfacing keeps your pool deck cool even in hot summers. Besides a kool deck, you can also go for simple concrete resurfacing options for your deck, like a spray deck or plain pressed concrete patterns.

concrete driveway and walkway resurfacing flagstone look

Concrete Design Lutz

Everyone loves a fabulous decorative concrete overlay. After all, beautiful colored concrete or stamped concrete designs are the envy of everyone in Lutz, FL. Stained concrete floors are a great way to add some vibrancy to the room or space. We not only work with the conventional concrete stain colors but also acid stain concrete.

We also use separate outdoor concrete stains that are made specially to not be affected by the UV light. Besides cement stains, Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is also an expert in doing cement stamps. In spite of our work quality, our colored and stamped concrete costs are affordable by everyone.

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Everyone knows that there is no better choice for your flooring in Lutz, FL than concrete resurfacing. It not only has durability and affordability on its side but it can also be used to create the most decorative concrete patterns that you can think of. These are things you can’t even imagine for material like wood or tiles. And if you really do live in Florida, you will know that there is no better place to go with your patterned or stamped concrete needs than Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa.

So, pick up the phone and call us today on the number given on the page. You can also fill up the form given and one of our concrete experts will call and give you a free quote for the work you want to get done.