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Concrete Resurfacing, Tampa, FL

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Concrete resurfacing is just one of the many special talents that concrete resurfacing contractors at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa have. Concrete is a common presence in the houses of Tampa, FL, which means the people here frequently require concrete floor resurfacing.

Concrete overlays are beautiful additions to a house, which is why getting them resurfaced from laypersons can make them look horrible and destroy the entire look of the house that you so carefully built. That is why any kind of concrete or cement resurfacing must be gotten done from the best in the business only. If that is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

Why Shoud You Get Concrete Resurfacing Done?

Tampa, FL is an extremely hot and humid place. The alternative heat and cold that comes with day and night cause the concrete floor to contract and expand, which results in cracks and fractures easily. The damage is compounded if your previous concrete resurfacing contractors did not do a good enough job.

Damaged and cracked overlay can severely hurt your floor and even damage the foundation of your house. The best way to prevent that is to get your concrete floor resurfaced. Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa will ensure a high quality of work so that such undue damage does not occur again.

Other than that, you may also want to resurface your concrete floor for decorative purposes. Decorative concrete overlay is a great way to add some much-needed zing to your house. There are a number of concrete resurfacing options that you can choose from, like stamped concrete, colored concrete, and more, as we will discuss in the next section. All of these options are great for not only the interior but also exterior concrete resurfacing in Tampa, FL.

What Kinds Of Concrete Resurfacing Can We Do?

Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa uses several methods to resurface concrete floors to make them look new and attractive. You can use concrete stain, stamped concrete overlay, special concrete refinishing, and various concrete floor designs. Whether you are building your house from scratch, renovating it, or repairing a damaged concrete part, you can use these techniques to give your patterned concrete a new look.


Transform Your Concrete Patio, Pool Deck, Or Driveway With Stamped Concrete Resurfacing.

Stamped Concrete | Tampa

Concrete stamping is a very popular way to do concrete resurfacing in Tampa, FL. In this method, cement stamps are used to create all kinds of stamped concrete patterns on the concrete floor. You can use this technique to create any design you like, from something regular, abstract, to aesthetic or quirky. You can even ask for custom stamped concrete designs and Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa will do it for you. The best thing about this is that stamped concrete cost is not too high, and yet you can create awesome looks with stamped concrete on all your floors.

Concrete Overlay | Tampa

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Concrete overlay is used to replace an old concrete floor without going through the hassle of digging the entire floor up. All that needs to be done is to scrape the old floor and clean it thoroughly, so that the new concrete layer is able to hold on to the old layer using the overlay mixture.

This creates a blank canvas that you can then decorate as you like. The best thing about this is that the very principle of overlays mean that a concrete floor can be repaired or renovated at a minimum cost. On top of that, the concrete overlay cost at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is so reasonable that it is even lighter on your budget.

Concrete Polishing | Tampa

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Technically, concrete polishing is a concrete refinishing technique. It is quite popular in Tampa, FL for all kinds of corporate spaces, like offices, company buildings, warehouses, factories, storage spaces, and many more. You can also get it done in your house if you are looking to create a formal space or want a simplistic look for a room.


Concrete polishing is done by polishing a plainly done concrete floor with diamond pads of an increasing grating until the surface becomes smooth and shiny. This is followed by treating the surface with a suitable sealant to hold the polishing.

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Concrete Stain | Tampa

Stained concrete floors can be done using a range of concrete stain colors. One of the first techniques used was acid stain concrete. This used solutions of pigmented salts in mineral acids which react with the limestone in the concrete to create imprinted concrete. But nowadays, it is hardly used because of lots of safety issues involved. But Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa does not consider it a hassle.

We take all the precautions necessary to make it a safe and eco-friendly option. Nowadays, water-soluble cement stains are more popular, which uses plain water-soluble colors to make printed concrete. Moreover, indoor stains can become faded easily on surfaces exposed to the blazing Tampa, FLsun, so we use special UV-resistant outdoor concrete stains.

There are many stamped concrete designs available to add sparkle to your concrete patio. Contact Us for a quote.

Why Us?

Concrete resurfacing is one of the best ways to improve your concrete floor. There are hundreds of ways to do it, including many varieties and combinations of pressed concrete and colored concrete patterns. But what you must understand is that getting it done from amateurs will not give you the result you are looking for. That is why you should always have Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa on the top of your list for any concrete resurfacing job in Tampa, FL. We always ensure the best possible work quality. We provide the greatest number of options when it comes to different types of concrete design. Not only that, but our concrete resurfacing costs are the most affordable not just in Tampa, FL but all of Florida. There is not a single reason why you should go to anyone else for it.
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