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Concrete design is the part of concrete resurfacing that we love the most. At Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa, we love doing all kinds of decorative concrete. There is so much to play around with, but what we love seeing the most is the wonder in the eyes of the people of Tampa, FL when they see the wonderful patterned concrete designs we create. It is always a pleasure knowing that we can create any kind of imprinted concrete that the people may ask us to.

The versatility and diversity of concrete design, when combined with the low concrete overlay cost and convenience of the concrete itself, make this one of the best reasons to get your house redone with concrete floors everywhere, from the rooms to the pool deck, from patio resurfacing to driveway resurfacing. If that is not reason enough, then just let the popularity of concrete resurfacing in Tampa, FL convince you to get it done.

What Can We Do With Concrete Design?

The concrete resurfacing options are infinite when it comes to concrete design. One of the major reasons to get decorative concrete overlays is the ability to have the look of any flooring material at much less hassle and much lower price. Surprised? That’s right!

The concrete resurfacing contractors at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa can emulate any flooring material, from costly ones like stone, marble, and granite, to less pricey ones like tiles, brick, travertine, and sandstone, simply by the clever use of cement stamps to create the particular texture with the concrete pattern, and concrete stain colors to bring about the visual appearance of the material.

That is not all. By the same technique, abstract or regular pressed concrete patterns are also possible. And the most skilled usage of concrete design would have to be the creation of printed concrete that looks like forest floors, pebbled surfaces, beaches, and the like, right on concrete!


We have a multitude of Stamped Concrete Designs for you to choose from for your Driveway, Pool Deck, or Patio.

What Are The Decorative Concrete Options?

As we already said before, the versatility and range of techniques and materials that we at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa use for our concrete design projects allow us to create diverse decorative concrete finishes in the houses in and around Tampa, FL. One of the great advantages of these techniques and materials is that we can use any permutation and combination of these methods and substances to create an even greater variety than what already exists.

While we will only discuss the individual techniques below, keep in mind that you have full freedom to ask Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa contractors to combine them and create something unique and exciting.

Concrete Stain | Tampa

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If concrete is the blank canvas, stained concrete floors are the paintings. While that was surely a dramatic way of putting it, something as fantastic as colored concrete resurfacing deserves it. There are a variety of ways cement stains can be integrated into the concrete floor. The first is acid stain concrete, a technique that concrete resurfacing companies other than Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa hardly give anymore.

What has become more common nowadays is water stains, due to their safer working conditions and greater environmental friendliness. Another way to do concrete staining is by the use of an epoxy coating, where the pigments are mixed with the epoxy concrete refinishing sealer itself. We also use special, UV-resistant outdoor concrete stains for exterior concrete resurfacing, that do not fade in the hot Tampa, FL sun.

pool deck after concrete overlay

Stamped Concrete | Tampa

Our other specialty is stamped concrete overlay, in which cement stamps are used to create stamped concrete patterns in the concrete. These patterns can be anything, from regular stamped concrete designs to quirky abstract ones, and from textures that mimic stone or pavers to cute motifs like leaves, shells, or butterflies.

At Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa, we even provide the option of the customer asking for a custom pattern that we quickly create using molding. Stamped concrete can be used anywhere, from interior floors to exterior concrete resurfacing like a stamped concrete patio, stamped concrete driveway, or even a stamped concrete pool deck resurfacing. The great thing about all this is that they can be achieved at very low stamped concrete cost with Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa.

Decorative Concrete Overlay | Tampa

Decorative concrete has been around much longer than both concrete stains and stamped concrete. This is because a decorative concrete overlay does not require separate materials like concrete stains or discrete tools like cement stamps. It can be done with the equipment already at hand that is used to do the concrete overlay. Decorative concrete overlay uses common objects to create unique textures on the concrete surface and is the easiest among the three techniques.

Some of the most common textures are knockdown, splatter, broom finish, rock salt finish, exposed aggregate finish, etc. The first two can be done with a trowel, the third with a broom, the next with rock salt, and the last simply by washing the stone chipcontaining concrete after the overlay when it is still wet. 

patio flooring after overlays

Let us show you the concrete design options to transform your dull concrete.

Why Us?

The best thing about Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is that we are the only “all solutions under one roof” concrete resurfacing company in Tampa, FL. No matter what kind of concrete design you want, no matter how obscure or complicated, our concrete resurfacing contractors will get it done.

You will not have to run from one place to another for it. Our quality of work, our experience, and our versatility make us the best in Tampa, FL with no exceptions.

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