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No matter where you live in Florida, the craze of concrete floors cannot escape you. Everywhere you look, you will find homes with beautiful concrete overlays. Especially if you go to Brandon, FL, you will find homes where every ground surface has concrete resurfacing done. And it is not surprising either, given that in Florida, it is only concrete that can tolerate the heat and humidity without getting damaged.

And the best thing about getting a concrete or cement resurfacing is that you can give it any look you like, including that of fancier materials like stone, marble, or wood, without having to go through the same hassle or bearing high costs. Even in concrete, if you hire Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa, you will get more concrete resurfacing options at the most reasonable prices in Brandon, FL.


When you choose to get a concrete floor resurfacing done, you are looking to reduce the hassle of maintaining an expensive floor material without making the floor look dull and boring.

 But when you get it done from just another concrete resurfacing company, the result is usually the opposite. Neither does it look good, nor does it last for long years, nor do they charge the right amount for the job.As a result, you are left in a worse situation than before. But when you work with Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa, you will instantly see the difference. From the quality of the work of our concrete resurfacing contractors to the price we ask for, we will not give you one chance to complain. And we promise that the result will be you having the prettiest decorative concrete in all of Brandon, FL.


You don’t need to demo that dull cracked concrete driveway.

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Our Services

Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa is not limited to stamped concrete and colored concrete work for the interiors of your house only. We are experts in all kinds of concrete refinishing and resurfacing work, which includes both interior and exterior concrete resurfacing.

Whether you need driveway resurfacing done, pool deck resurfacing, concrete porch resurfacing, or patio resurfacing, there is no better company to do it for you in Brandon, FL than us. And not just that; we are also the leading experts in all kinds of concrete design, whether it be stained concrete floors or pressed concrete patterns.

Concrete Resurfacing Brandon

A lot of people have to always deal with the drawbacks of the flooring material they have. Wood floors have it the worst in the humidity of Brandon, FL, but it is no less either for stone, marble or tiles. That is why so many people prefer to get concrete resurfacing.

In fact, a concrete resurfacing job can greatly improve any old concrete surface, while a decorative concrete overlay can efficiently replace other problematic concrete floor materials. It is also a good idea that if you have an office space, you should get concrete polishing done as its simple look suits the theme and is also low-maintenance.

Stamped Concrete Patio Brandon

No other space in the house can replace a patio. You can relax here, have fun, get air, and do anything that you want here. But if you have to see worn-out patio flooring every day, it makes the experience bitter. That is why you should hire Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa to resurface concrete patios in your house.

We build the best concrete or cement patios in all of Brandon, FL. In fact, getting a concrete patio has many pros. There are hundreds of concrete patio designs that you can choose from, but we recommend a stamped concrete patio to you. This is because it does not show damage easily, and of course, the concrete patio cost is much lower than others.

Concrete Design Brandon

pool deck resurfacing after replacing spray deck

Everybody loves patterned concrete. It is one of the most artistic additions to your house. There are several ways in which Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa does imprinted concrete for your concrete floor designs. One of these is through printed concrete by the use of concrete stains. For concrete stain colors, we provide acid stain concrete too, besides the usual ones offered nowadays.

We know how pesky cement stain fading can be, which is why we use special outdoor concrete stains that do not fade easily. We also do stamped concrete overlay using cement stamps. Our wide range of stamped concrete designs attracts customers from all over Brandon, FL, and our stamped concrete costs are always in your budget.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Brandon

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One of the most popular services that we at Artistic Stamped Concrete Tampa get hired for is concrete pool deck resurfacing. This is because nothing can beat the advantages of the many pool deck resurfacing options that we provide. A swimming pool deck is one of the most popular ways to show off awesome stamped concrete patterns, but there are also many functional aspects to consider.

For example, since pool decks get hot pretty fast in summer, you might want to consider a cool deck or kool deck resurfacing. Cool deck resurfacing uses a special material that keeps the pool deck from getting hot. Besides a kool deck, you can also consider a spray deck, which prevents people from slipping on the wet surface.

patio flooring after overlays

Driveway Resurfacing Brandon

A concrete driveway resurfacing is the best way to combat all the wear and tear that a driveway usually goes through. With heavy cars traveling along a driveway all the time, a driveway resurfacing is usually the most frequent need of any homeowner in Brandon, FL.

Therefore, it needs to make a good impression. The best way to do it is through a stamped concrete driveway. This is because they not only look good but they also stay intact for ages if resealing is done on time.

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